Monday, October 31, 2016

Top 5 Winter Riding Tips | Make Winter Cycling More Fun

Riding in the winter can be just as fun as riding in the summer, but you'll definitely benefit from these tips to make you more comfortable, and more motivated.

Between them, Dan and Matt have ridden through over 50 winters, and they can probably remember most of them too. That's a lot of experience right there so let them take you through 5 of the hottest tips. 

Clothing dominates, making sure you are always prepared with an emergency rain cape in your back pocket for when the weather inevitably takes a turn for the worst. 

Similarly, if you are tempted to stop on route in a cafe, and who isn't, take a spare under jersey with you to stop you getting cold. 

Then, always ride with lights through the winter to give you the best possible chance of being seen by other road users, particularly if you like wearing black! 

And then finally, take the opportunity to explore new roads and places. Keep things fresh! 

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