Saturday, January 2, 2016

How To Ride Your Bike At Night – Guide To Lighting + Reflective Clothing

Riding at night or in the dark opens up a whole new world of cycling experiences. Here's our guide to lighting and reflective clothing.

Being seen, seeing, and staying safe when you're cycling in the dark are all quite difficult subjects and – depending where you live – you'll be subject to local laws regarding minimum requirements and what lights you can and can't use.

So, instead of putting together a hefty legal guide to riding at night, what we wanted to do was share some common sense advice that can open up the world of riding at night; lighting to be seen, lighting to see, and, reflective clothing, will all help you to stay visible out on the roads.

Why did we want to put together a night riding video? Well, we reckon that, for most of us, the evenings and early mornings are when we can ride. As we get in to winter, this means that we'll be riding in the dark. Plus, night riding brings another factor to your favourite roads and trails; you'll see a side to them that you might miss in broad in daylight.

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