Monday, July 1, 2013

Now Offering!! Chain Exchange

Here's how it works...

Buy a set of chains from us and we will install a quick release and size the chain to your bike. All you have to do is bring us the dirty chain and claim your clean chain and off you go.

Cost includes cleaning, lube (raw paraffin) and storage. $15.00 per, each time the chain is serviced, or  if you prefer a quarterly fee during the race season of $40.00 this includes as many cleanings and lubrications as you want. We also offer an annual service fee of $140 if you would like the year round service.. This is per set of chains - discounts for multiple sets and for buying the chains from us.

The chains will be cleaned using a normal cleaning process to get the bulk of the grime off the chain. Once the chain is cleaned then it will be placed in the ultrasonic cleaning bath for at least one hour. (this allows all the grit to be safely removed from the bearing points inside the chain link plus it keeps us from soaking in gasoline like we did in the old days) once the chain is completely cleaned and dried it will be placed in a paraffin bath and allowed to soak for at least 20  min. (this will allow the paraffin to work its way deep into the chain). The chain will be hung up to dry and be ready to next time you need it.

The term "chain stretch" is misleading; Chains do not stretch by elongating the metal through tension. They lengthen because their hinge pins and sleeves wear. This wear is caused almost exclusively by road grit that enters the chain when it is oiled. Grit sticks to the outside of a chain so when a dirty chain is oiled, or has excessive oil on it the grit move inside where it causes damage. Most cleaner is made of oil and silicon dioxide (sand) and silicon carbide (sand). if you tried to destroy a chain this is the best way to do it. Paraffin bath will not keep the chain completely protected by itself the chain must be CLEAN before using. Paraffin doesn't last quite as long as regular lube but the chain will last much longer MUCH longer.

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