Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Motivation Wall

Hey all: Velo Wrench Bike shop wants to help you with that New Year's resolution. How, you say, can a bike shop help with a resolution? Glad you asked! 

ACOUNTABILITY, yes, ACOUNTABILITY, we will have the Motivation Wall up and ready for you to put YOUR resolution and goals on. 

It's simple really, come in to the shop any time over the next few weeks and simply write your 2013 Goals on the Motivation Wall, get your picture taken and you're in.  The wall will be posted for all to see throughout the event. If you're brave enough to post it on the wall you will also be asked to be kind enough to help/hold others accountable.  I have seen what the cycling community can do when it comes together, and it's pretty awesome.

Now for the fun part. Over the next few months we will pick winners in no particular order to win fabulous prizes (prizes will range from nutritionals, helmets ect... all the way up to a new bike: depending on how many people join up; the more that join the bigger the prizes so get all your friends and family to join in the fun). We will also have monthly motivators (PRIZES)

Finally On July 4th 2013 we will award a prize to all people who reach their goal. There will also be awards for the most supportive, ect..... This is meant to be FUN, Motivating, and community building. So let's get started!

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