Monday, January 14, 2013

Life From The Seat Of a Bike

It was a particularly nice day out and I was out to set a new milestone ride for myself. I would do the 8 mile loop and add the 15 mile loop into the mix making for about a 25 mile ride. I was well prepared and had cleared my schedule to allow for a 3 hour plus day in the saddle.  I had two bottles of water and some snacks to eat along the way. I was not sure how to eat and ride but I guessed I would figure it out.  

At the end of my 6th mile,  just where I had to turn to continue on the 15 mile ride, it finally happened; that guy, was stopped waiting on a train to pass by. I rolled up and looked over at him. He was very tall and fit and his bike was beautiful,  full carbon all top of the line stuff. He was wearing a club jersey so I asked him about the club and told him I was thinking about joining what did he think of the club? With barely a pause he looked down at me and said lose a hundred pounds and get a better bike before you join a club, and with that he pedaled off. I stood there for a minute a bit stunned at the curt response to an honest question. 

I brewed the rest of the ride 
by myself.  By the time I finished the ride I was exhausted, pissed and determined (more fuel ) It was there on my front lawn as I stewed that the first thoughts of  "there has got to be a better way" came to my mind. My wife interrupted my thought process when she came out and asked me why I was home so soon did I not complete the ride? Huh, she said you have only been gone an hour and a half! Huh, what, really? No I did the whole ride looking at the computer on my bike 25.8 miles in an hour and a half. I did the math real quick in my head, that was close to like 16-17 MPH average WHAT! there is no way I rode that fast. From that day forward I realized I could do a lot more than I ever expected I could. The next few months would prove it!

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