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Santa Rosa Cup Opener Sees Hannon and Hosey Take Wins

by Cranking Glass • October 29, 2012
Santa Rosa Cup CX, Place to Play Park

CX Nation and Bike Monkey’s Santa Rosa Cup series began this past Saturday under very warm conditions for late October. The rains earlier in the week had hardened up the course, at Place-to-Play Park, and there was certainly far less of the dust seen earlier this NorCal cyclocross season.
The course was very similar to the previous year’s event. Very flat and fast with a few embankments to provide changes in elevation and off-camber racing. The one gravel pit hardened up throughout the day as racers formed a line through the narrow stretch. Introduced this year was a stair run-up.
The course layout had two distinct sections: one fast with long straights the other more technical. Several racers in many of the day’s earlier races fell afoul of the transitions between terrains.
The Women’s A race featured Kristen Drumm (Divine Electric Norcal), Alison Tetrick (Exergy), and the travel-distance winner, Vicky Sama (Adventures Edge). The field remained close through much of the first lap but a group of three leaders eventually emerged ahead of the rest of the field.
Kathleen Hannon (Fresh Air/Hunter), Caroline Dezendorf (West Coast Women’s Cycling), and Drumm held the top three positions and slowly stretched out their lead. As the race continued, Hannon began to exert more pressure and pull away from Dezendorf in second.
“I like flat races with lots of turns,” said Hannon, “I tried to get in front early on. There were a couple of crashes [and I] got around Kristen [Drumm]; she crashed in the beginning and I was able to stay out.”
“I was riding the corners better and some of those transitions are very hard. [Drumm] crashed a second time and I just took off there. [Drumm] was definitely gaining on me on that back, flat stretch. I just tried to keep it together through [the technical section] and knew that I could stay away.”
Drumm took second place after Dezendorf stumbled late to give up the position. Colleen Wanty (Delore Grotta) finished in fourth place with Janie Dalton (Missing Link/3rd Rail) coming home in fifth.
Men A had a much closer race up front. MashSF racers Derek Yarra and Rainier Schaefer led the field first onto the long, flat sections. Eventually a smaller group headed up the race with Kirt Fitzpatrick (Delore Grotta) and Michael Zanetti each taking turns at the front of a train of five to six racers.
Constantly in second place and sitting in was Keith Hillier (Team Rambuski Law). Ominously back in fifth was Michael Hosey (Marin Bikes), having worked his way up from twelfth earlier in the race. With a over two laps remaining, Hillier attacked and held a good lead until the end of the final lap.
Coming down the short finish-straight it was a sprint between Hillier and Hosey. Corssing the finish line, the Marin Bikes racer had his front wheel up in the air “to try to shoot my bike out as far forward as I could,” said Hosey, “to nose him at the line.” The timing chips on their seat posts gave the extremely close win to Hosey.
“I was looking to stay [in], conserve my energy and wait to the very, very last second to hopefully come down to a sprint, which it did,” continued Hosey, “It was hard. I just started riding again. Today is my second day riding, back training again. The pace wasn’t too high where I couldn’t just sit in and ride.”
Taking third place was Fitzpatrick. Cameron Falconer (Fresh Air/Hunter) was fourth ahead of Zanetti in fifth
With the wins standing them in good stead, both Hannon and Hosey report they will continue on in the series to try to take the Cup.

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