Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life From The Seat Of a Bike (continued)

Rejected and resolute I am off on my own.  I found a route around my house just at 8 miles this would be my training grounds. I went to the sports store after reading several articles about material wicking and how the moisture is pulled from the body and dried before making the wearer wet, keeping the skin dry is apparently very important to comfort. So I bought myself a pair of under armor shorts and a thin pair of running shorts to go over it. Like I said no way I was going to be seen in spandex. Complete with my new riding clothes I went for a ride. It took only one hour and twenty minutes to complete the 8 mile ride. The materials worked, I was more comfortable but let's just leave it at that BUTT.  Well the butt hurt so three days off the bike. 

Ride # 2 went about like ride one with only one exception, I saw another rider on the road he was much faster and disappeared as fast as he showed up. (More about him later). Yes, the butt hurt again and yet another 2 days off the bike. 

Still unwilling to go into a bike shop, I would research the problem on the internet and see what I can do. So now with the knowledge on what to do for the issue I am forced to go to the store and buy a seat and some new shorts, it took three stores to get a dang pair of shorts and a new seat.  I was overwhelmed at how stuck up the sport seemed to be, being fat and getting help in a bike shop seemed to be difficult at best.  (More fuel) 

Armed with my new seat and a pair of those crazy spandex shorts I was off for day three. What a difference a day makes. I had my first successful ride felt great and I almost caught that guy.

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