Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic BMX Racing Begins with Seeding Time Trial Runs

The Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racing portion of the 2012 London Olympic Games started Wednesday with time trial runs for seeding purposes in front of a packed crowd at the BMX Track in London's Olympic Park. All 32 men and 16 women will move forward in the competition which continues with Thursday’s head-to-head quarterfinals for men, and on Friday for men’s and women’s semi-finals and finals.

The three American male competitors all qualified in the top half of the 32-man field after a single lap of the track. The time trial runs determined lane choice for Thursday’s quarterfinals. The pair of U.S. ladies qualified eighth and 16th and will move to Friday’s semifinals with lane choice in that order.

The BMX portion of the Olympic Games got underway on Wednesday in front of a packed crowd inside the Olympic Park.
The BMX portion of the Olympic Games got underway on Wednesday in front of a packed crowd inside the Olympic Park.

For the men Connor Fields (Las Vegas, Nev./Chase BMX) had the fourth-fastest time covering the course in 38.431 seconds, which was 0.652 off the pace set by Raymon van der Biezen of the Netherlands.
“I feel pretty good,” said Fields. “I definitely made a couple of mistakes and have some things to improve in the next couple of days, but I’m happy. It gives me the one seed in my heat tomorrow and I’ll take the positives and move forward.”
Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes) was seventh in the seeding runs with a 38.601, while David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar) was 15th with a 38.955.
“I just tried to keep calm and make a smooth lap,” said Long. “I didn't want to make too many mistakes. It's a time trial, you just have to make it around smooth and fast.”
The Olympic men’s BMX competition will continue at 3 p.m. BST on Thursday with the men’s quarterfinals. Fields is slated for the second heat while Long and Herman will both compete in Heat 3. For the men, after the first three runs in each quarterfinal, the top two riders in each heat with the lowest total points will progress to the semifinals. The remaining riders in each heat will continue for two additional runs and the top two riders from each heat (calculated from all five runs) also qualify to move on to Friday’s semifinals.

For the American women Alise Post (St. Cloud, Minn./Redline) had the eighth-fastest time of the 16 female entries during seeding runs Wednesday afternoon. Her time of 39.890 seconds was 1.456 behind that of Australia's Caroline Buchanan, who covered the course in 38.434 seconds.
“Having that pressure off and just knowing it is for seeding definitely allowed me to just get a feel for the track and ease into the race coming up on Friday,” said Post. “I really wanted to be top eight and I made that so I’m happy with that.”

Alise 'the beast' Post finished eighth in the time trial seeding runs.
Alise 'the beast' Post finished eighth in the time trial seeding runs.
Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif.) was on track for a solid time in her run, suffered a crash on the final technical stretch before the finish. She will retain the 16th seed and also move into Friday’s semi-final round.
“I’m feeling fine,” said Crain. “I got the wind knocked out of me and a bit of a bruised thigh, but I’m feeling fine. I prefer the outside lanes anyhow so I’m looking forward to Friday.” 
Post and Crain will both compete in the semifinals together in Heat 1, beginning at 3 p.m. BST on Friday, Aug. 10.
Portions of the BMX cycling event will be shown on your local NBC station and will be streamed live in entirety. Visit for complete local listings. For more information on cycling at the Olympic Games,

1. Raymon van der Biezen (NED) 37.779
2. Joris Daudet (FRA) 38.221            +0.442
3. Twan van Gendt (NED) 38.339    +0.560
4. Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX) 38.431           +0.652
7. Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes) 38.601        +0.822
15. David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar) 38.955    +1.176
1. Caroline Buchanan (AUS) 38.434
2. Sarah Walker (NZL) 38.644          +0.210
3. Mariana Pajon (COL) 38.787       +0.353
8. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline) 39.890       +1.456
16. Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bikes) DNF


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