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Tour of California Selections

by  • March 13, 2012 • norcal sceneopinionate

Today AEG announced the Tour of California (TOC) selections.  It will be fun to see Quickstep, Radioshack, and Greenedge duke it out for the GC but it’s the US Continental teams that interest me most.  The Conti Team guys are the folks we actually get to see race in person and a spot at the TOC is a big deal for the riders, sponsors, etc.  Below is my quick take on the US team selections
  • BMC Racing Team (USA) – The only real NorCal team on the list. Go Team!
  • Garmin- Barracuda (USA) – Uhhh…. i forgot who was on this team.
  • RadioShack-Nissan-Trek (LUX) – Horner better win. Seriously… amnesia or no amnesia this former Webcor pro is gonna have a legion of NorCal fans out on the roads rooting him on.
  • Omega Pharma – QuickStep (BEL) – Levi is the best NorCal competitor but he should save it for the Grand Fondo and some small one week race in Europe which will get him more UCI points.
  • UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA) – Chris Jones. If you don’t put him on the team you will receive no mentions in #nccn.
  • Team Optum Presented By Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA) – We still have feelings for Scott Zwizanski. But this team barely won Madera with 10 guys. Unless they recruit Evan Huffman what are they going to do?
  • Bissell Pro Cycling (USA) – BJM all the way. What would be better than BJM winning in Santa Cruz?  Nothing, thats what.
  • Team Exergy (USA) – Would be awesome to see Freddy and Logan duking it out in the sprints. Not sure they can win one but a podium would be rad.
  • Bontrager Livestrong Team (USA) – WTF. Great… like anybody on this team is even going to finish the race. What a waste of a spot. I suppose it pays to be part of the Lance/Trek conglomerate.

But there is a big pile of WTF. Specifically the omission of Kenda Pro Cycling. With such a strong NorCal flavor these guys would be part of every early break in the NorCal stages. Such a shame that AJM, Mach, English, and the rest of the team won’t get a chance to take it to the Euro’s on their home roads.  I’m not too surprised about the Competitive Cyclist omission given their somewhat murky roster but they proved themselves as a contendor for all US stage races last year.  I suppose they just weren’t willing to pay the “entry fee.”
I’m going to be annoyed about the Bontrager Livestrong Team spot all day. Way to ruin my day AEG!

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