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Happy Thanksgiving!

Velo Wrench Bike Shop Would Like To Wish You And Your Family A Very Safe And Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Small Business Saturday


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tips From The Mechanic - Now is the Time of Year to Make Sure Your Bike is Ready for Winter

Now is the Time of Year to Make Sure Your Bike is Ready for Winter
  1. Inspect your tires for wear and cracking.  After a long summer of exposure to the elements tires can crack and dry out so make sure your safe and replace cracking tires.
  2. Check your chain. If you don't have a chain checking device we will check if for FREE. A worn chain can cause damage to the drive-train and cost hundreds to replace parts.  The standard way to measure chain wear is with a ruler or steel tape measure. This can be done without removing the chain from the bicycle. The normal technique is to measure a one-foot length, placing an inch mark of the ruler at the side of one link pin, then looking at the corresponding link pin 12 complete links away. On a new, unworn chain, this link pin will also line up exactly with an inch mark. With a worn chain, the link pin will be past the inch mark. source
  3. Clean your bike. The best way is with soapy water and low pressure hose paying attention not to spray directly into bearing. Dry the bike completely and lube your pivot points and your chain. If you do not ride in the winter and will be parking the bike for an extended time use a heavy duty lube on the chain to protect it from storage. If you hang your bike by the wheels make sure you rotate them every month and put a little air in the tires to protect the rim from damage. If you park the bike outside cover it with a good water shedding cover and to protect from ambient moisture using an old terry cloth towel will help to keep the frame dryer when place over the seat and top tube. Its also a good idea if your bike is steel, to remove the seat post and spray the inside of the frame with a conditioner similar to Pam cooking spray not a lot just a touch them lube the seat post with a poly lube and replace it in to the bike. There you go you have done a home version of winterizing your bike. If you don't have time to do it or you want a complete winterizing of the bike including cables frame and all bearings you can always bring it to us and we will do for you. plus if you bring in the attached coupon you can get it done for only $50.00 (regularly $75.00)

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Winterize Your Bike For Only $50!

Save $25
Winterize Your Bike
Only $50 (reg. $75)
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nys Strikes Again in the Zonhoven Sand

By: Brecht Decaluwé

World champion beats Albert in a sprint

World champion Sven Nys (Crelan-Euphony) surged forward late in the sandy Zonhoven Superprestige race to grab the win on Sunday afternoon. The world champion outsprinted Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) and moved into the lead of the overall Superprestige rankings after two rounds. Former leader Klaas Vantornout (Sunweb-Napoleon Games) finished third a short time later.

Vantornout and Dutch champion Lars van der Haar (Rabo Development Team) led for most of the race on the spectacular course with the sand quarry but didn't have anything left in their tanks when Albert and Nys launched their offensive; Van der Haar went on to finish fourth.

Nys struggled to move up towards the early leaders due to a bad start, heavy traffic and a flat tyre.

"Two laps before the end, I started getting a grip on the race," said Nys to TV-Channel Vier. "Niels went flat out, and I made no mistakes behind him. In the sprint, I clicked out of the pedal, but I was strong enough to hold on for the win. It was a great race for the riders, and it's nice to come out winning. It's one to remember."

While Nys and Albert were caught in traffic early on, Vantornout applied the tactic of putting pressure on right from the start. The Belgian champion used his usual hole-shot start to set a fierce pace which only Van der Haar was able to mark.

"It was my plan to ride my own race in front. It's easier to choose your tracks on this course. There were a few tough sections with a lot of headwind though and riding an hour in front is very long," Vantornout said.

That's why Vantornout eventually ended his cooperation with Van der Haar. "Everybody made mistakes. If you rode flawlessly, it was possible to close a gap of 15 seconds in no time."

Halfway through the race, Albert and teammate Philipp Walsleben (BKCP-Powerplus) bridged up to Vantornout and Van der Haar with Nys trailing by a dozen seconds together with Kevin Pauwels (Sunweb-Napoleon Games). "I always struggled to move up due to mistakes from others, my own mistakes or a flat tyre," Nys said.

Four laps before the finish Nys bridged up to the leaders for the first time, but as the world champion described, he wasn't comfortable yet due to setbacks in the sand sections.

In the penultimate lap, Nys made his move forward through the field during the second part of the course. Just ahead of a tricky uphill sand section, a brutal Nys set Vantornout aside. "Those are nice duels. We all want to win. That's what the people like to see, and me too," Vantornout said. "It gave me a boost to fight even harder."

Nys hopped off the bike little later and used the sand section to recover. As a result, four riders entered the final lap, ready to battle it out for the victory.

Albert took the initiative and set a fierce pace in front. Van der Haar was the first victim and let his foot off the gas. Only Nys was able to hold Albert's wheel while Vantornout slowly faded away. Albert put Nys in trouble, but he was unable to gain more than a handful of metres on the world champion.

"Sven and I were the best, especially in the final laps. I tried but Sven made no mistakes in the final lap otherwise it was possible. On the other hand, I'm happy with my form after a few tough weeks," Albert said.

Nys profited from Albert's hard work and just before the final corner, he moved in first place which was necessary considering the short finishing straight. Although Nys clicked out of the pedal, he held on for the win. "Albert was spending a lot of energy in that section before the final corners. I managed to recover there," Nys said.

Next week the third round of the Superprestige cyclo-cross series will be held in Hamme-Zogge. "I heard it'll be raining all week, so there will be a great course for us," Albert is looking forward to the Bollekescross.

Article Source and for Full Results: Cycling News 

Friday, November 1, 2013

(2013) Jamis CX Team Promo

Jamis Cyclocross Team for the 2013-14 Season

Roster includes Ben Jacques-Maynes, Thomas Turner, Tyler Wren, Carson Miller, Phil Mooney, Jessica Cutler & Sam Cerruti