Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Road with Marzocchi.mp4

On the road col Team Marzocchi Usa verso Port Angeles (Washington) e ritorno in California per partecipare alla Sea Otter Classic. Il video è del filmmaker Travis Fant.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Biking Quotes

"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle."

-- Ernest Hemingway

Friday, June 24, 2011

Team Jamis: Ben and Blake’s Austrian Adventure

Blake checks in after the fourth and final stage of the Alpen Tour in Austria.

Well now that the Alpentour is over I can take a sigh of relief. Aside from the event’s stacked field, gruesome stage profiles, hectic neutral starts and an overall Wall Street-like seriousness overwhelming the the attitudes of most competitors, the event was good.

I battled my own cramping issues from day one which added an additional element of fun to my race. This race opened my eyes to real European racing. In all honesty I felt a little out of place. I understand racing, and being serious when doing so but the overwhelming self centeredness and entitlement of most people there caught me off guard. What do they think this is, a bike race?

I always get the pleasure to run into Mike and Marry a few time a year, though it’s rare that I see them in the US. Despite being far from home, in a race where I felt out of place and being generally confused most of the time, it was comforting to at least share my thoughts with someone I knew.

Marry killed it this weekend at the race, winning the final stage!

The race started everyday (except for the TT) with a nerve racking “neutral” start. Bar tapping, hip checking, yelling, skidding, wheel rubbing…it was enough to get my heart rate up to race pace before it’d even begun.

The race was fast and the knowledge I have acquired from racing both here and at Cape Epic is that Europeans have fitness, good fitness. But aside from the top pros they often lack even the most primitive bike handling skills. My days often consisted of jumping back and forth between groups, Yo Yo’ing on the climbs and slingshotting forward on the descents.

Ben had a good TT placing 10th on the stage, not shabby at all. With Ben finally off his antibiotics, and my cramping issues seemingly figured out I hope the remainder of the European racing will go better.

Poppa Benny get’s A++ for being PRO. He’ll do whatever is necessary to get the job done. He never missed a beat and is a veteren at team support. Often sporting a polo shirt which says “license to win” on it, Poppa Benny continually exceeds expectations, thanks!

Stage 5 of Alpentour was perhaps the hardest. The drive back to Haus Sonntag was roughly 9hrs. The car we’re driving doesn’t have AC currently so naturally the drive would be hot. It’s ok, just roll the windows down…nope. Poppa Benny is old school and denied Ben and I the luxury of fresh air as he didn’t want to get a stiff neck or a cold. With an outside temp almost at 90 degrees the drive home was rough. While Poppa Benny seemed unfazed by the heat Ben and I were struggling. Dragging our feet during fuel stops we tried to buy every second of fresh air we could get. Soaked in sweat we made it to Hause Sonntag and well, Poppa Benny feels fine so I guess I can’t argue. We are now nestled in rolling hills of western Germany. It will be nice to be here for a week where I look forward to relaxing and catching my breath. I’ll post some more photos soon.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The NorCal Classic: Nevada City

Photo By Scott Le
I’m hoping Hernando pipes with some of his bike race poetry on the Nevada City Classic since he’s been popping up in Facebook pictures from the race all day. Summer finally arrived just in time to punish the faithful who were willing to trek up to the Sierra’s in a field that was noticeably missing a disgraced, or almost disgraced, former tour winner such as Lance or Landis.

Men’s Race

Fittingly the 51st edition of the men’s race was won by Ian Boswell (Trek-Livestrong) who first put his stamp on this race in 2010 with a win for his former Bissell Team. Cal-Giant’s Evan Huffman slotted in for second followed by Nate English (Yahoo.) A relative of Huffman (his mom maybe, okay… that’s kinda funny, i have to call Rand to get a mom joke for this tomorrow) has been posting twitter updates from local road races and they are great. Follow @Regulorry on twitter for good race updates and insight into a cyclists life.

Women’s Race

Photo by @CPbike
The NorCal regulars Kachorek, Breen, Thurston, were joined by Katerina Nash who always crashes the race parties held up in the Sierras. Nash and the trio of regulars did some damage to the pack, and after punishing roadies for an hour, Nash took her World Cup cx winning self and shot around the course for the win. More details as they roll in.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tour De France Catch Karen Style

Our very own catch Karen project has begun. Starting the 12th you can buy a pen track your miles and try to catch Karen as she travels by bike throughout France. This annual fund raiser is to help us raise a little money to build bikes for some of our wounded warriors. Our goal this year is to raise $1,000.00 that should be enough to provide parts for the two recumbent I already bought and to get a bike or three for the children of the warrior so they can ride together. You can follow Karen’s travels at or stay in touch here or at we have her on a spot locator in Boston rite now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

EFS - Endurance Drink

Learn the truth about carbohydrates that even the top pro cyclists and triathletes may not be aware of.

Friday, June 10, 2011

U.S. Racing This Week: Hanson Hitting Out In Tulsa, Keough And Crew To D.C.

It’s a double weekend for the National Racing Calendar with the U.S. Air Force Classic and Tulsa Tough and the top American sprinter in Philadelphia last weekend is headed west. Ken Hanson and Jelly Belly-Kenda appear to be coming around after a rough May; they’ll be hunting prize money and NRC points in Oklahoma starting Friday night and you can watch it live at

Jelly Belly has come on strong after an Amgen Tour of California that their director Danny Van Haute called “disappointing.” Between Alex Hagman’s $1,100 KOM prize and Ken Hanson’s fourth-place sprint finish, the beans were the top domestic team at the TD Bank International Championships in Philadelphia Sunday. A week earlier, Hanson returned from a hard crash coming off Paris Mountain in the first lap to finish seventh at the U.S. pro road championship.

“I had a tough start for the first couple sprint stages in California,” said Hanson. “I definitely came around and my fitness and form started really coming good.”

Hanson is one of eight new arrivals to the 15-man Jelly Belly roster in 2011. Despite solid results with Team Type 1 a year ago, including a stage win in the 95-mile Menomonie Road Race at the Nature Valley Grand Prix and a narrow miss in stage 2 of the Volta do Rio de Janeiro, the 29-year-old was on the outs last fall. At the U.S. pro championships in September he was disappointed to miss Team Type 1’s jump to Europe.

Nine months later that disappointment is gone and the taste of a new level of speed is left.

“It was just fast. The last 500 meters was fast. I was in my hardest gear and spun out,” said Hanson of his sprint against Alex Rasmussen, Peter Sagan, Robert Förster and others in Philadelphia. “It’s a little different speed you’re racing at with those guys.”

That little different speed was new to Hanson. He’s won the Roswell and Boise criteriums and a stage in the Tour of Korea, but Philadelphia was the first time Hanson was in position to truly go head-to-head with ProTeam sprinters for a win. He admitted a couple of mistakes in coming out of Sagan’s draft too early and not throwing his bike for third against Förster.

“That was the first time racing against those caliber guys where I’m in the position that if I execute right and have a really good sprint, the way things unfold I’ve got a shot at doing really well and possibly winning,” he said. “I have just a massive lack of experience (racing against ProTeam sprinters). It’s knowing how to play, how to time and position your sprint against them.”

With a thin summer of racing ahead for Hanson after next week’s Nature Valley Grand Prix, he’ll take confidence and motivation into Tulsa this weekend. The Santa Barbara, California, based rider will team up with three Jelly Bellies, including two-time defending Tulsa champ Brad Huff.

The Missourian sprinter has been in a tough spot since his win at the Dana Point Grand Prix. An intestinal issue has required two rounds of antibiotics. Side effects of the second round Ciproxin treatment have kept Huff sun sheltered in leg warmers and a hat riding near 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Missouri. According to Hanson, tendon rupture is a potential side effect and Huff has been keeping his training mellow. Still, Hanson’s first priority this weekend is guiding his teammate to his third straight Tulsa Tough title.

“I would love nothing more for him to win it again this year. If he’s on and feeling good and is the Brad Huff he can be, we want to get him that win,” said Hanson.

Van Haute said the Hanson/Huff combination would be potent, but race wins, not repeats, are what he is after. “The combination of Ken and Brad is going to be really awesome this year I think; both of them could do well there,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if Brad three-peats, but we want to win the race. They put on a great show, a great race, and that’s why we go there every year”

Article Source: Velo News

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TSE Transylvania Epic Stage 5

TSE Transylvania Epic Stage 5 from Team Jamis on Vimeo.

Mini XC(superD) trail wacking from Transylvania Epic. The trails were rugged, raw, unridden, often down what served as dry (or current) stream beds. Tall grass, errant rocks, sticks, logs, varmin, and who knows what else was hidden in the bushes out there. How we all didn't take each other out is a mystery.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thomas Turner Post-Race Interview

Spoken Chain Magazine talked with Thomas Turner after his win at the SERC race in Ducktown, Tennessee.